Friday, 16 March 2012

Plot of The Boscombe Vallley Mystery

Exposition / Introduction ->

1- Dr. Watson receives a telegram inviting him to Boscombe Valley.
2- James McCarthy has been accused for the murder of his father, Charles.

Rising Action / Conflicts ->

1- Moran found a gun which belongs to James near the scene of the murder. 
2- Alice Turner believes James is innocent and hires Holmes to investigate. 

Climax / Main Events ->

1- Holmes investigates the crime scene and discovers critical clues.

Falling Action / Solutions ->

1- John Turner confesses his crime and writes a confession letter.
2- Holmes explains to Watson the clues that lead him to identify the murderer.

Resolution / Conclusion ->

1- James McCarthy is found not guilty and he marries Alice Turner.
2- John Turner died, so Holmes destroys the confession letter.

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